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Satay Tofu Bites

Recipe by Candy KaKi Luk from @nourishandflourishsyd

It’s your sign to make these delicious tofu bites if you’re hosting a party, or simply a treat for your family. It’s super easy to make (just need to prep the tofu), and super yummy with crunchy peanut butter. I made the satay sauce with a boost of San Elk Organic Veggie Stock to enhance the flavours with organic vegetables and spices! I like to serve the tofu with crackers and cranberry sauce, but you can also do flat bread or simple enjoy them as a side!


200g firm tofu, cubed

Oil for pan-frying

Satay sauce:

2 tbsp warm water

2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp fresh lime/ lemon juice

1 tsp brown sugar

Served with crackers of choice and cranberry sauce


1.        Pan fry tofu cubes with oil until slightly brown on both sides.

2.        Prep the sauce while cooking. (Mix all ingredients together)

3.        Drizzle sauce over and coat each tofu with sauce.

4.        Turn off heat immediately and serve with crackers/ flatbread!

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